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How Much Should RPM Cost?

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Video Description

The specific cost of a remote patient management (RPM) program varies according to a number of factors, including its scope and chosen technology. As part of healthcare’s industry-wide shift to value-based care, the actual costs of an RPM program are measured not just in the price, but also the savings to the organizations that implement it (such as the more efficient use of expensive resources like acute-care facilities). “As you work with a partner in remote patient management, you should work through what is your ROI model, based on the specific savings that you can achieve and the costs to deploy the program,” advises Care Innovations® COO Marcus Grindstaff in this video.

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Randall Swanson, CEO, CARE INNOVATIONS<sup>®</sup> image

Randall Swanson


A 17-year Intel veteran experienced in corporate business strategy, innovation-centered research & program development, and finance.

Marcus Grindstaff, COO, CARE INNOVATIONS<sup>®</sup> image

Marcus Grindstaff


A passionate spokesperson for reforming the healthcare delivery system. Grows exceptional teams focused on bringing healthcare to the home.

Karissa Price-Rico, PH.D., FORMER CMO, CARE INNOVATIONS<sup>®</sup> image

Karissa Price-Rico, PH.D.


Consumer marketing expert, former Chief Marketing Officer of Care Innovations, and Co-Founder of the Trusted Hands Network.

Julie Cherry, RN, MSN, CCO, CARE INNOVATIONS<sup>®</sup> image

Julie Cherry, RN, MSN


Julie Cherry, RN, MSN: Helped pioneer the first home telehealth solution for remote patient management. Advanced practice nurse.