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Who Uses Remote Patient Management (RPM)?

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Though most commonly associated with elders and those with chronic disease — and, indeed, still playing an essential and expanding role in supporting those populations — remote patient management (RPM) is now commonly used across a wide spectrum of care situations. “We’ve seen successful programs in mental health, high risk pregnancy, and a variety of other situations that really customize to the patients’ needs,” notes Care Innovations® CEO Randy Swanson. CIGNA-HealthSpring, the University of Mississippi and Amedysis Home Care are all noteworthy examples of providers that have successfully implemented RPM to treat a variety of different conditions and reduce hospitalizations and cost of care.

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Randall Swanson, CEO, CARE INNOVATIONS<sup>®</sup> image

Randall Swanson


A 17-year Intel veteran experienced in corporate business strategy, innovation-centered research & program development, and finance.

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Marcus Grindstaff


A passionate spokesperson for reforming the healthcare delivery system. Grows exceptional teams focused on bringing healthcare to the home.

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Karissa Price-Rico, PH.D.


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Julie Cherry, RN, MSN


Julie Cherry, RN, MSN: Helped pioneer the first home telehealth solution for remote patient management. Advanced practice nurse.