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What is remote patient management?

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Also known as RPM, and sometimes called remote patient monitoring, remote patient management is a method of healthcare that utilizes information technology to gather patient data and provide it to clinicians outside of the traditional healthcare setting. By moving care into the homes of patients — RPM patients spend 99.9% of their time outside of the clinic — RPM can actively improve care by enabling clinicians to better manage the health of patients on a daily basis, creating “behavior change that has lasting outcomes for the patient.”

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RPM Academy is Taught by

Randall Swanson, CEO, CARE INNOVATIONS<sup>®</sup> image

Randall Swanson


A 17-year Intel veteran experienced in corporate business strategy, innovation-centered research & program development, and finance.

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Marcus Grindstaff


A passionate spokesperson for reforming the healthcare delivery system. Grows exceptional teams focused on bringing healthcare to the home.

Karissa Price-Rico, PH.D., FORMER CMO, CARE INNOVATIONS<sup>®</sup> image

Karissa Price-Rico, PH.D.


Consumer marketing expert, former Chief Marketing Officer of Care Innovations, and Co-Founder of the Trusted Hands Network.

Julie Cherry, RN, MSN, CCO, CARE INNOVATIONS<sup>®</sup> image

Julie Cherry, RN, MSN


Julie Cherry, RN, MSN: Helped pioneer the first home telehealth solution for remote patient management. Advanced practice nurse.